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Media Preparation
Our focus.
At Media Transfer Service we have a keen interest in preserving the past, as a resource and
record for generations to come. We specialize in high quality, state of the art, media transfer
services. Our goal is to cater to clientele in both the consumer and corporate sectors who
appreciate and want the best quality, while balancing costs to a reasonable level.

The President.
Media Transfer Service founder, John Schroth, is a Rochester native and a graduate of the
Rochester Institute of Technology's Audiovisual Production and Communications program. For
nine years, John worked as a Producer and Audiovisual Programmer for a production company
in Cleveland, Ohio. He produced national sales meeting presentations for corporations such as:
BF Goodrich, Nissan, General Electric, British Petroleum, Ernst and Young, NASA and General
Tire. During his tenure, he received numerous regional and national programming awards. In
1990, John returned to Rochester as one of three founders of Screen Seen, Inc., a trivia
entertainment and advertising program which ran at local movie theatres. Over the next eight
years, the company grew to one of the largest in the Northeast U.S. Screen Seen then joint
venture partnered with Australian based Val Morgan Pty Ltd. John remained as Senior Vice
President of their U.S. operation and served on their U.S. Board of Directors.

The start of Media Transfer Service.
Retiring from his position at Val Morgan in 2002, John began consulting work in his field. While
researching local film-to-video transfer companies for his own family movie films, John realized
that there was a void in the market. He saw the need for a company that offered a higher quality
option than current local businesses could provide and Media Transfer Service was founded.
John took a "no compromise" approach to building his company, insisting on the best
equipment and transfer methods available to suit his client's diverse needs. Over the next nine
years, Media Transfer Service has expanded several times. The conversion capabilities we now
offer cover a much wider scope but our fundamental philosophy is the same: corporate or
consumer - the same care, dedication, quality and attention to detail, goes into every job we do.

Media Transfer Service, LLC. Rochester, NY . Phone: 585-248-4908 . Email: info@mediatransferservice.com
About Media Transfer Service.