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New Life For Old Audio.
Your analog audio recordings won't last forever.
First consider the age of your collection. Most people are beginning to realize that magnetic audiotapes will not last forever. Under the best storage conditions, the structure that makes up magnetic audiotape breaks down over time, resulting in compromised audio signal quality. Analog audiotape can suffer from a handful of different decomposition/breakdown types. In different ways, analog audio disk recordings are also beginning to decay. Storage in less than optimal conditions speeds up this process. Any type of analog audio recording will wear each time it is played and can easily be damaged. New playback units for some formats are now unavailable, while reliable professional playback units are harder to find and maintain.

Today's technology means greater convenience, and more use.
Although we cannot recommend "writable" CD audio disks for long-term storage, they are a practical choice to use as reference media for convenient listening. For long-term storage, digital media file saved to drive with a redundant backup, stored elsewhere on data disk or drive, is the most accepted long-term storage method. Media files offer easy access for editing, presentation, restoration, format conversion and migration. Media file allows for sharing information among multiple end-users across a networked platform. When combined with proper indexing information (metadata), digital media file can be a powerful resource tool.

Conversion of many different formats.
We convert most any speed mini, micro and standard analog cassette format. We convert 1/4" and 1/2" reel-to-reel audiotape in almost every speed and track format possible. We convert any specification DAT (digital audio tape). We also convert most any size and speed analog disk recording up to 18" transcription disks.

MTS quality conversion.
A quality audio conversion begins with the proper preparation. We first inspect, then "repack" any audio tape recording to insure that your tape is in good condition and tracks properly. Disk recordings are thoroughly cleaned through various professional methods to the remove dust, and dirt. We have plenty of experience working with both magnetic audiotape and disk recording decay. We can treat most types of media that have begun breaking down through internal chemical decomposition or external contamination. We have special cleaning solutions/treatments for removing fatty acid deposits on early disk recordings. Tape baking services are offered for those tapes that are challenged with "sticky shed" syndrome. We can also handle tapes suffering from other forms of decay including: mold contamination, shrinkage and decomposition of acetate tapes and tapes that display "soft binder" syndrome.

Our audiotape decks are all pro-audio playback decks. We have the capability to decode Dolby SR, A and B noise reduction. Our reel-to-reel decks are custom built for archival playback with the ability to play most any audio track format or tape speed ever recorded onto 1/4" or 1/2" audio tape. Record and erase heads have been removed and the units are especially gentle on older "challenged" tape as there are no stationary friction points other than the playback heads. The drive mechanisms are of the highest quality and most technically advanced. Playback heads on all our audiotape decks in every format have the unique ability to align with the original record head (azimuth). This is often "mission-critical" in capturing the full frequency spectrum originally recorded on an audiotape. To listen to the difference

Our audio disk conversion chain uses custom-built turntables with adjustable speed settings from 13 rpm to 104 rpm to cover most any original recording speed as well as allow for half-speed and quarter-speed conversion for warped disks or disks with damaged grooves. We have a wide selection of stylus sizes and shapes which enable us to best replicate the original frequency range and "ride" at the best height in the groove to find the least wear/most information. Archival quality phono pre-amps made for audio restoration gives us versatility. For mono audio recordings we can pull audio from either the left or right groove walls, or both. This pre-amp also covers 12 different equalization curves that may have been used prior to RIAA recording standards set in 1954.

All professional playback units are kept calibrated, cleaned and demagnetized as required. Analog audio signals are converted by audiophile, archive quality, external analog-to-digital converters and captured directly to computer at appropriate data rates based on project requirements. The majority of the equipment in our audio conversion chain is the same equipment used by organizations such as the Library of Congress and the National Archives.

The end product.
Depending on the original condition of the media and end-user needs, our professional audio editing programs can utilize digital noise reduction techniques as well as "sweeten" the audio improving the quality of the sound. The master track can be broken down into individual cuts. We can then render the audio to any format required by the client. For clients with media library archives, we offer detailed logging of media information, content, conversion specifics, audible and measurable quality/abnormalities for future archiving and metadata records.

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