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Frequently Asked Questions
Where are you located?
As of April 2014 we will be located on the third floor of the newly rebuilt Eyer Building in East Rochester, NY. Conveniently located just three minutes off 490, the Eyer Building is on the corner of Main Street and Commercial. Please note we do not take walk-in business without an appointment.

Where do you list your rates?
Because of all the media formats we digitize, the different conditions that your media could be in and all the different options for the digitized version, it would be too hard to list all the potential rates. It is important to first establish the size (numbers in each format and run times) of your collection, the condition that your media is in and what you plan to do with the digitized versions on the back-end, prior to being able to supply you with a rate. For corporate clients, we recommend a conference call to establish a detailed client needs assessment for your collection prior to providing the rates for conversion.

Do you convert personal consumer/family media collections?
Absolutely! About 20% of our work is for the more demanding consumer client. We do ask that our consumer clients be patient on the turnaround of their project. We offer the best quality available but we use the consumer work to fill in between big corporate jobs. Our consumer clients get equipment and experience you could not find in a walk-in retail transfer house, but the trade-off is a longer turnaround time.

Do you have a project minimum fee?
Yes. For consumer projects, most projects require a minimum fee of $250.00. For motion picture film we ask for a 1,000' minimum. For returning consumer clients or businesses that may have further work for us in the future, we waive the minimum fee.

Can I ship my media to you from out of state?
Yes. We get shipments for across the country on a regular basis. For larger corporate projects, we can arrange pickup from neighboring states. If you plan on shipping your project to us, we recommend reviewing the packaging hints below.

Why don't I see an address listed for your business?
A lot of our specialized work requires that we work uninterrupted. We do not take walk-in business without an appointment. If you would like to schedule a time to meet, please give us a call and we can set up a time that is convenient for you.

Are your rates expensive?
No. Actually most of our clients feel our prices are very reasonable when compared to the quality and service they receive on their project.

What is the best way to ship my media to you?
We have the following suggestions to prepare your media for shipping. All media should be enclosed in ziplock bags to shield the media from changes in humidity. High changes in humidity can shock your media. Also accidental water damage can be mitigated with ziplock bags. If your media is magnetically recorded (videotape, audiotape, mag stripe sound motion picture films) insure there is 4 inches of padding between the media and all six sides of the inside walls of the shipping box. This will give a layer of protection for your magnetic media from other packages that may ship next to your package that might emit stray magnetic fields. Do not use packaging peanuts for your padding, they can generate static electricity. Ship your package UPS or Fedex only, do not use USPS or other shipping carriers. Ship your media the fastest method you can afford, you don't want your media sitting in a trailer or warehouse for several days in hot or cold weather. Remember to forward your tracking numbers to us so that we can follow your package to our facility. No signature is required.

Media Transfer Service, LLC. Rochester, NY . Phone: 585-248-4908 . Email: mtsinfo@rochester.rr.com