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Recovery Services For New And Old Media.
I just had fire or flood damage, what do I do?
The best thing you can do is call us as soon as possible. Do not move or try to treat damaged media yourself, especially water damaged items. Each media type: film, photo, audio tape, video tape, etc, requires a different treatment. Some media should not be dried without treating it first. Without knowing the proper treatment and how to handle damaged media, further damage will most likely occur. With water damage items, time is often a critical factor. Days, sometimes hours, can be the difference between saving your media and loosing it.

I think my digital media is having a problem.
With the increase of more manufacturers (often making sub-par media) and more digital media users, we're seeing failure in more optical disks (DVD, CD, Blu-ray) and digital memory storage card media than ever before. Optical disk media failure can be due to burning errors, poor manufacturing, handling, storage or improper labeling or UV light exposure. Signs of issues include: disks that pause while playing, hesitate, skip or just will not load at all. Your camera memory card can be physically damaged by static or misuse and some or all of the digital files you know you had on the card will appear to be gone. Accidental erasure or reformatting of your rewritable disk or digital memory card media (which is very common) makes your disk appear to be blank with no reference to any files. FOR REWRITABLE CD, DVD OR MEMORY CARD, DO NOT RECORD MORE INFORMATION OR REFORMAT AGAIN. THIS CAN ERASE THE FILES THAT WE CAN RECOVER. BE AWARE THAT ANY ATTEMPT TO TRY TO RECOVER THE FILES YOURSELF CAN LESSON THE CHANCES FOR A PROFESSIONAL TO RECOVER YOUR FILES.

MTS recovery services.
We can treat and recover many damaged or erased media formats. We offer data recovery through software methods and for scratched optical disks we have a professional disk resurfacing machine made to take all but the most serious scratches off the disk surface making your disk surface look like new. We offer tape cleaning services and mold contamination removal services. If we cannot treat your media based on specific conditions we are happy to guide you to other professionals that can. Unlike most recovery services, our rates are not exorbitant. We charge a reasonable, per labor hour rate, based on the media and methods required to stabilize or recover it.

How can I make sure that I don't have a problem in the future?
Our section on Media Preparation and Preservation can give you the basics on proper use, care, storage and labeling of both your old and new media.

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