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Job Detail: Film, Video, Audio digitization for the Memorial Art Gallery
John Schroth helped the Memorial Art Gallery survey its archival audio & video collection. Ranging from 16mm film from the 1930s to present-day audio & video, including many obscure commercial formats, John helped us identify what we had, and prioritize digitization in preparation for the Gallery's centennial in 2013. His large collection of playback equipment enabled us to preview material before deciding on digitization, and then he was able to adjust for noise and other quality issues to give us the highest possible quality masters and access surrogates. His knowledge of digital preservation standards & technologies assures us that these digital masters will be able to migrate to new formats in the future as technology changes.

Job Detail: Videotape conversion for a division of the University of Rochester
As a Developmental Psychologist at the University of Rochester and Mount Hope Family Center, I am involved in extensive observational research with children. As a component of an NIH-funded research project, I needed to restore hundreds of 20-year old VHS tapes recording children playing, talking, and interacting within a classroom. When first considering utilizing these tapes I had serious concerns about the visual and audio quality. Some were so dark that you could not make out children's faces. Others were so fuzzy it was impossible to hear what was being said. As I began searching for a reliable company to transfer these VHS tapes to DVD and file based format, I came across Media Transfer Service. After meeting with John Schroth, the owner of MTS, worked miracles with these tapes. Not only did MTS transfer them to digital format at the most reasonable price available, but John was also able to adjust the visual and audio quality, separate distinct segments into chapters, and included a time signature. When they were returned, the recordings were in even better condition than on the original VHS! MTS saved this study. Moreover, I have never experienced such personal and conscientious customer service. John was in constant contact with me as the work progressed to be assured that he was supplying exactly what I wanted. He walked me through tons of options and really worked through the pros and cons so we could decide the best way to maximize my limited budget. I don't think there's any other company out there that would go to such great lengths to give tremendously helpful, honest, and accurate customer service.
I highly recommend John to all of my colleagues and will definitely go only to him for any future projects.
Meredith Martin -University of Rochester - Rochester NY

Job Detail: Videotape and film archive conversion for ERCN TV-12
First with Kodak in high-level classified photographic imaging, then the Station Director at ERCN TV-12, I have a combined experience of nearly 50 years in both traditional photographic and video mediums. We commissioned John Schroth at Media Transfer Service to transfer our aging videotape library archive to DVD for both preservation and rebroadcast over the airwaves. In total, we have now archived roughly 1000 shows, 800 hours of content time. MTS has also transferred over 15,000' of motion picture films of historical significance ranging in age from the early 1930's through the 1970's that we have edited into TV shows for broadcast at the station. John's level of quality, ability to transfer almost any video, photographic or audio format, and the ability to enhance our materials has been very helpful in delivering the best end-product to our viewership. We have been overwhelmed with the quality and innovative modifications that MTS has provided to our work. We are very pleased with all the services Media Transfer Service has been able to provide and highly recommend the company.
Joe Russo, Station Director, ERCN TV-12, Rochester NY.

Job Detail: Conversion of 3/4" videotape and 16mm motion picture film
Graduating with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in film production from UCLA, through to my current position as an Associate Director at the University of Rochester, I have over 35 years experience in film and video production. I worked with Media Transfer Service to convert some personal film and video materials I had produced in my earlier school years. It's hard to say what impressed me more: the helping attitude, the fine grain attention to detail, the technical sophistication or the personal interest and enthusiasm for the digital restoration of my films. Anyone who entrusts their materials to MTS can be assured of the highest quality service and results at extremely reasonable rates. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Charles Tashiro - Rochester, NY

Job Detail: Corporate conversion of diverse media library at St. John Fisher College
You took our request to look over our collection of aging and archival media, in different formats and condition, and soon presented us with a viable, multi-format, long term solution for old and new media. You explained all the cutting-edge technology in such a way that the whole project made sense to those of us who are unfamiliar with all the options and technology available. Your professionalism and commitment to service was evident in the quality of the conversion and additional services you provided. This whole project has been a pleasure. Diane Lucas - Head of Reader Services, Lavery Library - St. John Fisher College

Job Detail: Videotape to DVD and Regular/Super 8mm movie film to DVD
We previously took our family movies to another transfer company here in Rochester to make them into a DVD. The results of that were pretty poor - the speed was wrong, the image was fuzzy and the colors were very faded looking. Also, the DVD kept stopping while it was being played back. All in all, we were very disappointed. Luckily for us, we decided to try another transfer company and found you. The DVD you made from our 40 year old movie film is like night and day. The colors are very bright, the speed is perfect and the playback on our DVD player never misses a beat. The production qualities of the DVD are outstanding, from the cover to the indexing of scenes, it was just great. The other DVDs you made of our VHS tapes were just as good. They were done in an extremely professional manner - we're completely happy with them. Thanks for doing such a great job with all of our families memories. We were lucky that we made the change and found you. Thanks again.
Mike and Cathy Thorpe - Rochester, NY

Job Detail: Media conversion, reformatting and archival material coordination for a PBS documentary
Hiring John Schroth and Media Transfer Service for my most recent PBS documentary was one of the best business decisions I've made in years. I desperately needed someone to coordinate a massive research of archival material based on a very demanding post production schedule. Despite the fact that doing so is not an MTS expertise, John graciously accepted the challenge. From tiny, obscure college archives, to the NBA, to the National Archives, John not only efficiently managed two professional researchers in gathering together print, still images and film footage from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, he also digitally enhanced the quality of much of this material, which is an MTS expertise. John's exemplary assistance gave me the confidence I needed to concentrate on the task of editing without worry of where the material was coming from, or when I could have it. Nearing the end of the edit, John was sleuthing archival material and negotiating prices himself, like a pro. In short, I could not have done the documentary without him.
Anthony Machi, President
Machi & Machi Communications, Inc.

Job Detail: Corporate conversion of large audio and video media library
In conjunction with the New York State Archives and the Office of the New York State Attorney General, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute obtained a library collection of over 3000 videotapes and audiotapes from the defunct Tobacco Institute, with the job of converting this library to digital archive for preservation, reference, presentation and use on the web. After contacting both local and out of town transfer companies, we chose your company as you could provide both the knowledgebase and care for quality that we required. You listened to our needs and provided the vital information that we needed to fulfill our project goals. The price was very fair, less than what we expected to pay for these services. l would be the first to recommend Media Transfer Service and look forward to spreading the word on your services.
Anthony Brown - Project Coordinator - Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Job Detail: Digital photo file data recovery
My wife and I went to the Northwest United States to visit some of our nation's spectacular national parks. During that time we took hundreds of digital pictures for a photo album of our memorable trip. Upon returning, I realized that one of the SD cards that held our photos was "locked up". After many unsuccessful attempts by friends, IT people and so called "photo experts", I frustratingly filed the tainted disk in a desk drawer. This past year I took on the project converting reels of old 8mm family movies to DVD with John Schroth of MTS. I asked John if he might know of a way to recover these photos. Within a day I received a call from John who told me to pick up the recovered pictures! John, we want to thank you for preserving our memories.
Joe Rossi - Rochester, NY

Job Detail: Conversion of disk recording collection to digital file and CD.
We want to express to you our deepest appreciation for your skill, perseverance, dedication in the completion of the transfer of the Armenian and Middle Eastern music of 20's and 30's vintage from old 78 rpm records to CD. Your willingness to accept the project was greatly appreciated. The time and effort to analyze, seek advice and prepare the records for transfer meant that you extended your energy, time and skill for us. Thank you so much. The CD will be sent to Aram and Ginny Kerovpyan who live and work in Paris-being very much involved in the teaching and writing of Armenian and Middle Eastern music.
Charles Churukian - Rochester, NY

Job Detail: Slide scans to file and DVD video with restoration services
I hired Media Transfer Service to transfer 1400 family slides. The owner, John, told me that they had harsh "mildew challenges" where the mildew had actually eaten into the film emulsion effecting the image. I saw comparisons before and after and he did a fabulous job in restoring my family slides. I am recommending John to everyone I know, because he has top-of-the-line equipment, is very knowledgeable and is just a nice, honest guy to do business with!
Carol Stahl - Fairport, NY

Job Detail: Corporate audio archiving and editing of instructional audio CD series
I have now worked on a number of conversion jobs with Media Transfer Service involving converting some of our old analog audio media to digital file for our library archives as well as audio editing projects for several seminars that we plan to sell as instructional CD's. In each instance, Media Transfer Service has been excellent. I have found that they were willing to go that extra mile for a superior finished product. I most definitely intend to use their services again, both for our company and for my personal family tapes.
Judith Warner - Director, NY Office, Aiki Works, Inc.

Job Detail: Regular 8mm movie film to DVD (client ran quality comparison tests)
My parents had shot regular 8mm movie film from 1945-1973. We wanted to preserve these treasured mementos of our family's history before they were lost. After some research, I soon discovered that the quality of the finished product can vary significantly depending on the skills of those doing the transfer and the technical level of their equipment. Anyone who cares about preserving the original beauty of their films should not simply drop them off at their favorite photo store or just any transfer service they happen to find in the yellow pages. After contacting six different companies, I learned that most photo shops and video stores have neither the skills nor special equipment needed to transfer movie film so they outsource it to media transfer companies often run like factories geared toward quantity rather than quality. I had the same test reel transferred by Media Transfer Service and two other prominent companies, one local and one out-of-state. The transfer done by MTS was far superior to the other two. The images were sharper, more detailed and brighter. The colors were richer and more natural. Surprisingly, the film transfers done by the other two companies ran at an abnormally fast speed while the MTS transfer ran at an accurate speed. John Schroth of MTS is a consummate professional who brings expertise to each and every project. He has an impressive array of sophisticated equipment and knows how to use it to achieve the best results possible. Most importantly, you can rest assured that John will treat your family's films as though they were his own.
Michael Berezney - Rochester, NY

Job Detail: Mini-DVD video disk recovery
Thank you so much to John and Media Transfer Service for rescuing our priceless memories. The last video we took of my husband's grandmother was with our new Mini-DVD video camera. After our move overseas, we had accidentally reformatted over this video and thought we had lost it. Your tremendous efforts were reflected in numerous correspondences and your attention to details. The recovered videos are great and we cannot imagine loosing any of it now. You have our heartfelt gratitude and all our future media conversion needs.
LCRD Rossi and Vy, US NAVY

Job Detail: Transfer of videotape to file for client editing
I gave MTS videotapes of my 4-month internship at Walt Disney World to convert to computer files so that I could edit them myself. The quality was nothing less than I expected. Like anyone in search of a service, I called everyone in the phone book and MTS was the only company that didn't just quote a price and hang up. They asked me questions about what I was going to do with the video once the transfer was completed. MTS' commitment to customer satisfaction extended far beyond the sale. When problems arose in my project, MTS went above and beyond with advice and support. It may not be the cheapest option, but it is hands down the best. They did such a good job transferring my magical memories.
Matt Sansone - Irondequoit, NY

Job Detail: Standard 8mm movie film to archive file and DVD
The transfer from super 8 mm film to DVD surpassed the quality of the old films. They were clean and crisp with life-like color. It was such a pleasure to share these family pictures with my 87-year-old dad. To find the combination of such high level technical expertise with friendly, personal service is a rare treat. The images are priceless, and the cost well worth it. We intend to send all our remaining family films to Media Transfer Service for compilation.
Al Lake - Ann Arbor, Michigan

Job Detail: Reel to Reel audio tape conversion to CD
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the family audiotape recordings you converted to CD. It brought back a lot of memories. You did such a wonderful job separating/dating each track and the quality was wonderful. Again, thanks for the great customer service. I appreciate you keeping on top of my project and providing me with something that I'll treasure forever.
Gwen Whitman - Rochester, New York

Job Detail: Super 8mm movie film to archive file and DVD
I recommend Media Transfer Service for preserving your old family movies. Our conversion from movie film to DVD turned out beautifully. Media Transfer Service pays lots of attention to detail using state-of-the-art equipment and providing personal and caring service that can be found no place else. It's worth Media Transfer Service doing your transfers because your memories are priceless!
Margy Cowgill - Pittsford, New York

Job Detail: Super 8mm movie film to DVD
About 10 years ago my mother had our families Super 8 home movies changed over to VHS in order to preserve them. I set out to look for a company that would change this VHS tape into a DVD for preservation purposes. Although changing my movies from VHS to DVD was my cheapest option, Media Transfer Service explained and showed me examples of how I would get a much higher quality picture if I went straight from the original Super 8 film to DVD. I chose to do so and am very happy with the final DVD. It came out with a much clearer picture than I had previously seen on the VHS tape. John took the time to sit down with me and go through all the film to make sure it was in the correct order and did not finish the project until I was completely satisfied. I highly recommend Media Transfer Service.
Sherry Hill - Rochester, New York

Job Detail: Slides to archive file and DVD video
We asked Media Transfer Service to convert several hundred slides onto a DVD. Many of the slides weren't correctly exposed or color balanced, but they did their magic on them during the conversion so the colors are just beautiful. We have shown this creation to many people and receive rave reviews. I would whole heartedly recommend Media Transfer Service for any of your video needs.
Valerie Goff - Spencerport, New York

Job Detail: Videotape formats to DVD
Words cannot express my gratitude to John at Media Transfer Service for the recent services he provided to me and my family. I came to him with boxes of old VHS, 8mm and digital videotapes, none of which were labeled or dated, hoping to somehow find an order out of all the mess. John diligently worked to categorize, timeline and transfer 20 years of video into a library of DVDs. In this day and age, it is a rarity to find someone who truly cares so much about customer satisfaction. He was meticulous in all aspects of the service. I highly recommend anyone thinking about preserving their family memories for further generations. Thank you again, Jeanne Piersa - Spencerport, NY

Media Transfer Service LLC. Rochester, NY . Phone: 585-248-4908 . Email: mtsinfo@rochester.rr.com