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2018    finds    us    digitizing more     videotapes     from the       Brockport       State University               Writers Forum   collection,   for   preservation   and   reference.   Some   of the   older   works   we   have   digitized   -   from   the   late   1960's through    the    mid    1980's,    are    being    posted    on-line    at:          As qualified   vendors   for   the   University   of   Rochester,   a   wide variety    of    various    projects    have    been    coming    in    from different    departments.    We've    worked    on    several    high- profile   cases   for   local   law   enforcement   agencies   and   law firms.   We   have   also   begun   a   project   with   Niagara   County Community   College.   The   College   has   a   large   collection   of DVD   video   disks   from   the   department   of   Performing   Arts library.   Because   the   disks   are   checked   out   by   students   and teachers,   a   good   portion   of   the   collection   has   contaminates and   scratches   on   the   data   side   and   a   percentage   of   the disks   are   also   starting   to   have   data   layer   fading.   Our   job   is to   pull   the   data   off   the   disks   as   a   file   based   format   for preservation.   First,   we   resurface   the   disks   so   the   data   can be   properly   read,   then   we   rip   the   data   off   the   disks   with   a special   data   recovery   program.   To   date   we   have   had   a   100% recovery    rate.    We    also    have    a    major    influx    of    larger consumer   collections   coming   in   including:   slide   collections, video   collections   and   motion   picture   film   collections.   One   of the   consumer   projects   includes   digitization   of   a   wonderful collection    of    16mm    motion    picture    films    covering    the construction,   heyday   and   end   of   the   Rochester   subway   and trolley   system   from   the   1920's,   through   1960's.   This   content will     be     shared     with     the     local     library     system,     local transportation   museums   and   local   cable   access   stations   for broadcast. 2017   has   us   finishing   up   projects   for   The   Dharma   Ocean Foundation,   The   Sisters   of   Saint   Joseph   Archives,   as   well   as a   new   collection   of   3/4"   U-Matic   tapes   from   Brockport   State University's   Writer's   Forum.   The   shows   were   produced   in the    1960's    through    1980's    for    local    cable    access.    Many famous    Pulitzer    Prize    winning    writers    and    poets    were featured    on    the    show,    including    names    such    as    W.    S. Merwin,   Richard   Wilbur,   Isaac   Bashevis   Singer,   John   Ashbery and    Anne    Sexton    as    well    as    other    historically    significant writers     such     as     Allen     Ginsberg,     Robert     Hayden,     Isaac Asimov   and   Gene   Roddenberry   just   to   name   a   few.   Some   of these     programs     were     on     tape     formats     that     required treatment    prior    to    digitizing    and/or    very    special    signal processing   to   stabilize   the   video   signal   prior   to   digitization. Now   these   programs   can   be   enjoyed   by   the   general   public as   well   as   researchers   for   years   to   come.   We   also   started scanning   a   second   round   of   several   thousand   still   image assets   from   the   Caesarea   collection   for   the   Universities   of Cornell   and   Cincinnati.   St.   John   Fisher   College   has   sent   us another   round   of   reel-to-reel   audiotape   digitizing   for   their Rochester   Radio   History   Collection.   Progressive   Insurance has    also    commissioned    us    to    digitize    another    round    of audiovisual media in their corporate archives collection. 2016   L arger   projects   of   note   include   high-resolution   scans of    over    8,000    still    images    including    slides,    large    format transparencies,    large    format    photos    and    35mm    roll    film negatives.   These   images   document   the   excavation   of   the Promontory    Palace,    built    by    King    Herod    in    25    BC    in    the ancient   city   of   Caesarea   Maritima   (located   on   the   shores   of Israel).   The   dig   was   co-funded   by   Cornell   University   and   the University    of    Cincinnati.    As    the    palace    was    unearthed photographs   were   taken,   documenting   the   excavation   and the   palace.   The   palace   was   then   buried   again   to   preserve   it. The   scanned   photos   will   serve   researchers   and   scholars   for generations   to   come.   Another   large   project   has   us   digitizing 1,000   videotapes   from   the   Dharma   Ocean   Foundation,   one of   the   most   well   respected   Tibetan   Buddhist   teaching   and meditation   foundations   in   America.   Digital   derivatives   will be   used   for   both   educationa l   streaming   now   and   archival master   preservation   files   for   future   content   preservation. We     also     digitized     another     round     of     promotional     and advertising     assets     from     Progressive     Insurance.     We've started   moving   digital   information   from   over   1,000   aging DVD   video   disks   to   file   based   format   for   the   University   of Rochester's   Mount   Hope   Family   Center.   We're   also   digitizing a   collection   of   oral   history   interviews   on   cassette   audiotape and    historical    16mm    film    for    the    Sisters    of    Saint    Joseph archives.    We've    upgraded    our    video    capabilities    adding several    legacy    videotape    formats    to    accommodate    new client    requests.    We're    also    pleased    to    announce    a    new partnership   with   the   George   Eastman   Museum's   Selznick School   of   Film   Preservation   -   one   of   the   highest   regarded schools   for   film   preservation   and   archiving   in   the   world. MTS   hires   masters   degree   students   to   help   with   the   growing workload    at    MTS.    The    students    work    in    a    real    world environment   that   is   related   to   their   degree   and   MTS   gets help   from   serious   young   professionals   that   are   up   to   speed in many aspects of archiving. 2015    finds   us   working   on   more   content   from   Georgetown University,    and    the    estate    archives    of    well-known    Jazz musician   -   Don   Elliott.   New   projects   include   digitization   of video      and      audio      oral      history      interviews      from      the organization    -    Densho:    The    Japanese    American    Legacy Project.   Based   in   Seattle   Washington,   they   are   one   of   the largest    repositories    of    Japanese    American    history    in    the country.   Video   formats   we   digitize   to   archival   master   file and   reference   file   are   being   posted   to   the   web   and   available here:         MTS   also   took   on   a   project digitizing    the    archives    of    commercial    producer    Steven Vaughan.    Back    in    the    '70's    and    '80's,    Steve    was    a    very successful      commercial      producer      on      contract      with companies    such    as    US    Air,    Channel    Fragrances,    Giorgio Armani,    Fanta,    Nestle,    Anheuser    Busch,    and    Chrysler    to name   a   few.   His   1"   master   videotapes   had   taken   on   mold contamination   and   moderate   sticky   shed   breakdown.   After treating   the   tapes,   we   transferred   them   to   archival   digital master    files    and    reference    files.    By    September,    our    new 2,200    square    foot    facility    was    operational    with    plenty    of projects    to    work    on.    The    second    half    of    2015    found    us continuing    with    another    round    of    historic    interviews    of Japanese   Americans   interned   during   WWII   from   the   Densho organization.    At    the    same    time    we    began    a    new    project digitizing   several   hundred   video   and   audio   tape   interviews of   Holocaust   Survivors   from   WWII   for   the   Jewish   Federation. Digital   derivatives   will   be   used   as   part   of   an   educational curriculum   for   city   schools   as   well   as   master   archival   file versions    for    preservation.    We    digitized    another    round    of media     from     the     archives     of     the     corporate     offices     of Progressive    Insurance.    We    also    digitized    original    music produced   for   NASA   that   was   played   to   astronauts   while   on missions   during   the   80's   like   Skylab.   This   music   was   also inserted   into   landers   and   probes   as   part   of   a   time   capsule representation. 2014    continued    our    success.    The    Walter    Williams    PBS documentary   finally   finished   in   February.   Overall   -   a   very nice    piece    to    go    to    broadcast    in    the    spring    of    2015. Continuing   projects   for   the   Memorial   Art   Gallery,   St.   John Fisher     College,     Georgetown     University     and     Progressive Insurance   kept   a   steady   flow   of   new   audiovisual   materials coming     in.     New     projects     included     the     first     round     of digitizing    unique    video    and    audiotape    masters    from    the estate   of   well   known   Jazz   Musician;   Don   Elliott.   With   the help   of   his   friend,   Les   Paul,   Don   built   one   of   the   first   multi- track    recording    studios    in    the    country.    Content    from    his estate   includes   live   public   concerts   and   private   jam   sessions in   his   studios,   which   include   friends   such   as   jazz   greats:   Bill Evans, Gerry Mulligan, Phil Bodner and Big Joe Williams. 2013    was    our    busiest    year    yet.    Projects    for    the    PBS documentary   on   Walter   Williams,   Memorial   Art   Gallery,   St John    Fisher    College,    University    of    Rochester    mentioned below   were   ongoing.   Highlights   of   new   projects   includes: digitization   of   both   video   and   audio   assets   from   the   Jean Craighead   George   estate   (famous   children   book   author),   as well    as    16mm    motion    picture    film    from    the    1930's    and 1940's   for   Camp   Pathfinder   -   the   famous   canoe   camp   based in   Algonquin   Provincial   Park.   We   also   began   a   multi-year project   with   the   Department   of   Neurology   at   the   University of   Georgetown,   digitizing   their   holdings   of   over   1800   hours of   very   valuable   videotaped   lab   studies   on   brain   plasticity. MTS   was   commissioned   to   digitize   Georgetown's   collection that   spans   40   years   on   over   10   different   legacy   videotape formats      for      both      laboratory      coding      and      long-term preservation.    We    also    began    a    long    term    project    with Progressive     Insurance     to     digitize     all     of     their     archival audiovisual    media    assets    for    reference,    re-use    in    future advertising   campaigns   and   preservation.   Finally   we   digitized camera   original   16mm   film   taken   by   famed   ornithologist Gladys   Gordon   Fry,   documenting   her   trip   as   one   of   the   first woman   to   explore   Trinidad   and   Tobago   as   an   ornithologist back    in    the    1930's.    Gladys    worked    for    the    Museum    of Natural   History   in   New   York   City   and   was   know   as   the   "Bird Lady   of   Central   Park"   for   her   unique   bird   watching   tours through Central Park.. 2012   was   a   banner   year.    MTS   transferred   16mm   motion picture   film   for   the   Naples   Historical   Society   that   highlighted little       documented       Seneca       Indian       Nation       pageant celebrations    in    the    early    1960's    The    producer    of    these pageants   was   Native   American;   Arthur   C   Parker,   the   second director   of   the   Rochester   Museum   of   Science.   The   films   also showed   footage   of   Parker   at   the   end   of   the   pageant   taking   a bow.   It   is   probably   the   last   known   footage   prior   to   his   death six    months    later.    We    also    worked    with    the    Eisenhower College    Alumni    Foundation    to    help    digitize    and    preserve unique      motion      picture      film      footage      of      Dwight      D. Eisenhower,   both   personal   family   footage   donated   to   the college   by   the   Eisenhower   family   and   filmed   visits   of   both the   President   and   Maime   Eisenhower   when   they   came   to visit   the   college   on   several   occasions.   The   collection   also contained   unique   audio   recordings   from   both   the   President and   his   wife   to   graduating   students   at   the   college   as   well   as an    interview    with    Maime.    We    also    began    working    with producer   Tony   Machi   of   Machi   and   Machi   Communications. Tony    has    produced    many    documentaries    for    PBS.    This current    documentary    focused    on    the    life    story    of    well- known   black   economist,   Walter   E   Williams.   MTS   served   as the     central     hub     for     all     archival     media     used     in     the documentary.    We    digitized    slides,    photographs,    motion picture     film     and     video     from     Walter's     personal     family collection.   We   also   did   the   enhancement   on   these   items and     served     as     coordinator     for     four     archival     media researchers,   media   pricing   negotiator   and   buyer   as   well   as media   reformatting   for   all   the   stock   footage   used   in   the documentary.   It   is   scheduled   for   release   in   late   fall   of   2014. MTS     also     began     work     with     the     nationally     acclaimed Memorial   Art   Gallery.   Oral   history   interviews   on   both   reel- to-reel   and   cassette   tapes   with   the   museum's   key   personnel over   the   past   70   years   were   digitized   and   used   for   both   the Centennial   Celebration   and   for   preservation.   A   portion   of the   collection   was   50   audiotapes   of   confidential   interviews with     Gertrude     (second     Director)     and     Isabel     (Assistant Director and Curator) Herdle. Their stories were incredible! 2011    highlights    included:     Work    with    The    Developmental Psychology   Department   at   the   University   of   Rochester.   A collection    of    several    hundred    videotapes    needed    to    be digitized   and   enhanced   for   use   in   lab   studies   work.   MTS worked    with    both    the    company    that    made    the    coding software    used    for    visual    analysis    of    the    digitized    video content   and   the   department   at   the   University   to   develop   an efficient    workflow    and    come    up    with    video    codecs    that could    be    used    in    the    short    term    for    analysis    along    with other   codecs   that   could   also   be   used   for   preservation.   MTS also   worked   on   a   handful   of   projects   for   the   ATF,   The   Office of   Special   Affairs   in   California   and   the   CIA   for   some   special cold   case   files   that   were   re-opened.   Legacy   format   video and    audio    media    were    transferred    to    digital    formats    for investigative   work.   MTS   also   transferred   the   personal   film and    slide    collection    of    Taco    Proper,    who    was    head    of international   sales   for   Kodak   in   both   South   America   and Asia.   Content   included   a   safari   in   Mato   Grosso,   Brazil   with the   famed   jaguar   hunter   Sasha   Siemel.   Also   in   the   personal collection    was    the    first    Super    8mm    motion    picture    film, filmed    by    an    American    in    China,    with    permission    by    the Chinese   Government.   We   also   transferred   unique   motion picture   footage   of   Dr   Frank,   founder   of   Dr.   Frank's   Vinifera Wine    Cellars    -    one    of    the    most    celebrated    and    award winning wineries in New York. 2010   was   a   great   year   with   all   types   of   interesting   projects. Visual    Studies    Workshop    in    Rochester,    NY    asked    us    to transfer    a    very    rare    reel-to-reel    audiotape    in    very    poor condition.    The    recording    was    a    four    hour    long    interview with   Paul   Strand   on   his   life   story.   Mr   Strand   was   born   in 1890   and   helped   to   establish   photography   as   an   art   form   in the   20th   century.   He   actually   influenced   Ansel   Adams   to take    up    interest    in    photography.    The    tape    was    acetate based    and    stored    in    unfavorable    conditions    to    a    point where   Vinegar   Syndrome   had   significantly   shrunk   the   tape. Special    tape    guide    jigs    along    with    adjustments    on    the tensioning     on     our     custom     built     ATR     100     reel-to-reel machine   allowed   us   to   successfully   transfer   the   tape   and digitize   this   very   important   piece   of   history.   At   the   same time,    the    University    of    Rochester's    Oncology    Department had    some    special    16mm    films    of    microscopic    blood    cell testing   that   they   needed   transferring   for   scientific   research. The   high   quality   transfers   we   provided   to   them,   in   turn, gave   Media   Transfer   Service   a   qualified   vendor   status   with the    University    of    Rochester.    Shortly    following    we    began work   with   the   department   of   Brain   and   Cognitive   Sciences at   the   University   of   Rochester   converting   a   sizable   collection of   3/4"   U-Matic   and   1"   videotapes   for   preservation   and   lab reference work.
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